Mom and Baby Yoga (Ages birth-24 months)

As new mothers we often neglect our own needs in order to give our full attention to our new little babe’s. This can eventually leave us feeling stressed out…tired… and totally overwhelmed.

In our Mom’s and Babe’s Yoga classes you will not only learn awesome ways to bond with your baby through gentle message and touching, but also some “Magic Poses” to quickly stop fussiness and crying.

Your Baby will learn independence in a loving way by watching you doing your yoga and seeing that he isn’t your absolute focus all the time. He learns to attach when he is used in a certain pose, and then to separate when he is not.

Why Moms and babes yoga?

For Baby

– Better and longer sleep
– Improves digestion and eases gas pain
– Relief from fussiness and colic
– Strengthens the immune system
– Promotes a healthy, physically fit lifestyle
– Strengthens the parent-child bond
– Special activity for parent and later born child
– Movement and touch help build neuromuscular pathways
– Reduces Stress
– Reduces anxiety and outside stimulus
– Self esteem and positive body image
– Aids the natural development of movement from birth to walking

For Mom

– Strengthens the body
– Helps you get back in shape
– Calms the mind
– Helps you relax
– Reduces stress
– A fun healthy way for you to spend with your baby
– Interaction with other Mom’s and their Babies

This is the best way for you and your little one to start your magical journey together.