Kids Yoga Teachers Training Program


It’s not easy being a child in this day and age. The world has become very busy and fast paced, you either have to keep up or get left behind. This causes a lot of stress for everyone.

Children are dealing with many distractions, temptations, overstimulation and peer pressure, and it is leaving them feeling drained and unsure of themselves. Because of this, there is an increase in the number of children suffering from ADD/ADHD and being put on Ritalin.

Nutrition is also a contributing factor and a big problem. We have so many convenience foods at our fingertips loaded with MSG, Artificial colorants and preservatives, which leads to an increase in obesity.

Children do not know how to express their emotions and so there is an increase in childhood depression and anxiety.

Yoga is an ancient science helping to create health and well-being by building awareness, strength and flexibility in the body and the mind. Yoga is also a low cost positive tool that can have an amazing positive impact on children.

The Go With The Flow Kids Teachers Training Program is aimed at teachers, parents, therapists and any one else who has a love for yoga and a love for children.

Children’s Yoga is a fun, creative and playful way for children to learn Yoga. The Go With The Flow Kids Yoga program includes breathing exercises to help children with correct breathing patterns, yoga postures to help increase strength, flexibility and coordination, and relaxation techniques to help children to be able to center easily and effortlessly. Everyone completing this program will have a complete understanding of how to teach yoga to children.

Benefits of Kids Yoga

• Yoga teaches children about body awareness.

• Yoga helps promote balance and coordination.

• Yoga helps maintain flexibility and strengthens growing bodies.

• Yoga teaches kids how to breathe deeply and fully.

• Yoga helps to improve restless sleeping patterns.

• Yoga gives kids tools to deal with stress and difficult situations.

• Yoga increases Self Esteem.

• Yoga enhances concentration in kids.

• Yoga is non-competitive.


Kids Yoga Teachers Training Program

Module 1

Day 1

• Introduction into teaching kids yoga

• The benefits of kids yoga

• Guidelines to teaching a class

• Structure of classes for different age groups

• How to deal with behavior in the class

• The benefits of correct breathing

• Demonstrations and practice of calming and energizing breathes for all the ages

• Demonstrations and practice of how to use breathing props for all age groups

• Demonstrations and practice of warming up exercises for all the age groups

• Demonstrations and practice of fun warming up sequences for all the age groups

• Demonstrations and practice of chants and affirmations for the different ages

• Demonstrations and practice of relaxation exercises for the different age groups

• How to set up your own practice, including practicing all of the above techniques

• Journaling

Kids Yoga Teachers Training Program

Module 1

Day 2

• An anatomy yoga workshop – hosted by Bev Naude

• Demonstrations and practice of kids yoga postures

• Lesson planning for the different age groups

• How to create your own yoga story and characters for different yoga postures

• How to create your own Guided Imagery for all ages

• How to bring puppets, music and visuals into your classes

• Fun yoga games for all the ages

• Demonstrations and practice of different yoga postures used in kids yoga as well as the benefits and the creating of yoga games for certain postures


Cost of Module 1 = R2500

Kids Yoga Teachers Training Program

Module 2

Day 1

• Teaching of life skills to children of all ages.  Covering all the basic life skills for happy and emotionally health children.  Including fun games and activities to be used in a yoga class.  The life skills covered are:  

– Self-acceptance

– Self-awareness

– Mindfulness

– Anger & Stress Management

– Healthy ways of living

– An introduction to yoga philosophy and bringing it into our daily lives.

• Learning about the Chakra Energy System and all the healing postures and foods relating to each one.

• How to bring Art Therapy into the yoga class.

Kids Yoga Teachers Training Program

Module 2

Day 2

• Yoga Therapy for the special needs child

• Demonstration and practicing of partner postures

• An introduction on mindfulness and bringing mindfulness into your classes

• The history behind Mandala’s and how to use Mandala’s as a form of therapy


Cost of Module 2 = R2500

Kids Yoga Teachers Training Program

Module 3

Day 1

• An introduction to Tania Ferreira’s The Chilled Out Child’s Training Program

• Mindfulness & Yoga 4 Schools. An easy to teach daily program to be introduced into schools bringing mindfulness and yoga into the classroom. This can be taught by anyone who has completed the full Go With The Flow Kids Teachers Training

• How to start your own business, including how to approach school and studio’s, Marketing and much more


The Chilled Out Child Training Program

“This training will help yourself and the children in your life to manage and counteract the effects of stress by teaching them correct breathing, meditation, relaxation and mindfulness techniques. Before you can teach children meditation and mindfulness you need to embrace your own practice. This training will inspire you to develop a deeper connection with yourself, others and nature as you explore your own meditation practice and how to relate mindfully to children of all ages, learning how to be fully present, mindful and accepting of life with renewed energy and purpose.” ~ Tania Ferreira

Cost of Module 3 = R2500

Kids Yoga Teachers Training Program

Module 4


Module 4 consists of observing kids classes and then finally teaching classes for each age group that will be observed by me. As soon as I feel you are ready to teach, your final certificate will be awarded.

Cost of Module 4 = R2500

Course Information

Accredited and approved by the:

• This training is available to anyone with a love for yoga and a love for children, but yoga knowledge is essential.

• This training is set over a 6 month period, ensuring complete knowledge and comfort in teaching once completed.

• The training starting dates are the first Sunday of February and the first Sunday of July.

• This course is equal to the 200 hours required by the Yoga Teachers Fellowship of Southern Africa and has been accredited and approved by the YTF.

• A certificate will be awarded after Modules 1,2 and 3. All three certificates are necessary to receive your full 200 hour qualification from the YTF.

• The Teachers Training Program will only be run if there are 4 or more people attending.

• A non-refundable deposit of R700 secures your space.

• A shorter training is available for qualified yoga instructors – contact for more info.


Please contact me directly for more info on 082 602 7689 or email